Piero Mastroberardino (Avellino, Italy, 1966), after completing his studies in Economics, in 1990, dedicated himself to scientific research. He is a full professor of business management in Italian State University. In his career has published several articles and books on this topic.

Since 1990 he is involved in his family business, Mastroberardino Wine Group, an ancient wine family firm established in Irpinia since 1754. In 1996 he became CEO of the company and since 2003 is the president and CEO.

He is the tenth generation vintner of the Mastroberardino family preserving the hard job of the previous generations in the defense of the local indigenous viticulture for the revival of viticulture in Irpinia, projecting it towards the current worldwide recognition.

His professional and entrepreneurial profile is linked with the artistic one that is realized in the fields of drawing and painting, narrative and poetry. In fact from 2011 he has published two novels, “Umano Errare” and “Giro di Vite”, and two collections of poetry, “All’origine dei sensi” and “Frammenti”, the latter in the form of the artist’s book. With his paintings he realized many personal and collective exhibitions in Italy and abroad and many of his works are in national and international collections.

Since May 2015 he is president of the Institute of the Italian Quality Wine Grandi Marchi.