Nick Leahy credits his diverse culinary style to his international travels as a child. “I’m originally from Bermuda, and I was cooking dinners with my mother when I was ten years old,” Leahy remembers. “We traveled a lot, and what we ate influences the dishes I create today.”  Leahy was working in restaurants by high school, and honed his skills working under Atlanta legend, Chip Ulbrich, at Food Studio. It was here Nick received a crash course in combining taste with technique: Chip taught him not only how to find the bold flavors in a dish, but how to do it without being too complex. After moving on from the kitchens of Atlanta, Leahy set out to travel the world cooking, serving as Executive Chef at Daylesford Organic in London — a restaurant and farm that solely uses homegrown and organic ingredients — including fruits, vegetables, dairy, and cattle — from its farms outside of the city. This experience fueled his passion to contribute to positive change in the food industry with organizations like Meals On Wheels Atlanta, The Farmer Fund, and Peachtree Road Farmers Market.  Leahy dedicates countless hours to organizations that support Georgia farmers and educate area chefs on the importance of informed and sustainable food practices. His passion for fostering strong and symbiotic chef/farmer relationships landed him a spot on the Nosh Talks panel alongside some of Atlanta’s most acclaimed up-and-coming chefs to talk about how chefs and local farmers can better work together. In 2016, he became the first chef to ever serve on the board of Meals On Wheels Atlanta, and bridged his work with the Peachtree Road Farmers Market and Meals on Wheels Atlanta that resulted in a first-of-its-kind program, Farm to Table for Seniors in Need, that gives seniors access to meals made with locally-sourced ingredients.  Leahy and Saltyard have been recognized by a variety of food and lifestyle media, including CNN’s Headline News, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Atlanta Business Chronicle, and The Local Palate, among others. When not at the restaurant he can be found reading, hiking, or spending time with his wife, new daughter, and dogs.