As a boy, J.B. loved his grandma’s homemade custard recipe. That childhood love started in a tiny Harlan, Kentucky kitchen, and now it’s all grown up as a one-of-a-kind adult dessert.

For 75 years, J.B.’s family looked forward to that dessert at special occasions. Eventually he knew it could be more. He wanted to make it into an ice cream recipe, and he wanted to put bourbon in it (it was Kentucky after all). He started experimenting with it in the 80’s, but he still had “real” jobs, too. He was a successful business man, working for coal mines and building new homes.

Through all those years he traveled around and handed out ice cream samples from the back of his old Jeep. People told him what they liked, and what they didn’t like. And he kept making the recipe better, and trying new alcohols.

Finally on April 14, 2014, after hundreds of tasty trials and samples, he perfected the process for stabilizing alcohol in the ice cream. Everybody loved it…really loved it! So then he decided go back into building, but this time he would build his own business.

Now J.B.’s PR%F is real, and in 11 delicious flavors. You can find it in restaurants and bars, with lots of happy people all buzzing about the taste and the fun. The company landed itself in Columbia, South Carolina, and we have big plans to put our ice cream in the hands of many, many more people across the U.S.