Born in St. Paul, MN and raised in Sebastian, FL, Jason discovered his passion for the culinary world by chance. A star athlete in high school, Jason was destined for an athletic scholarship but broke his leg on the field during college recruitment season. Left to reconsider his options, Jason began studying at Valencia College and took on a culinary externship with The Peabody Hotel in Orlando, Florida. Here, Jason would fall in love with cooking and jumpstart his career.

After almost two and a half years at The Peabody, Jason moved west to spend a ski season at Vail, Colorado’s Wildflower Restaurant. He soon ventured to California where he would spend a year in Los Angeles and nearly three years as Chef de Cuisine at Le Meridien Hotel in San Francisco. Before feeling the tug of the east coast, Jason returned to Vail once more and assumed the role of Executive Sous Chef at Game Creek Restaurant.

Jason’s move to Charleston brings him closer to his family and reunites him with the beach, where he spends much of his time off.