Ellen Bennett is the founder and creator of Hedley & Bennett, the Los Angeles-based apron company founded in 2012.

Bennett was far from an ordinary kid and fiercely independent from a young age. She became very interested in cooking and testing out new recipes for her family while growing up. Later in life, the Los Angeles native packed up and moved to Mexico City for Culinary School to study Restaurant Administration and to continue her passion for cooking. After moving back to the states and while working as a line cook at two Los Angeles’ restaurants (Baco Mercat and two Michelin star rated Providence) Ellen noticed the stale look and poor quality of the aprons she wore daily. Inspired to make a more functional apron, she worked with Josef Centeno of Baco Mercat to design her first run of aprons for his staff and that was the official start of Hedley & Bennett.

The Apron Squad literally grew one member at a time.  Bennett’s personality and approach opened doors for her to meet with the most established restaurants and best chefs in the country. Between meetings and cooking at Providence, aprons were being made as quickly as possible. Soon, attention came from press like the New York Times and celebrity chef fans such as Martha Stewart and Mario Batali, solidifying her as a real player in the restaurant game. The response to her new innovative product was growing faster than she could keep up with.  Eventually quitting her jobs at the both restaurants, Bennett grew her operation from a 400 square foot office space to the showroom, office space and 14,000 sq. ft factory she currently resides in in Downtown LA – all in under three years.  The company has quickly expanded and now her aprons can be found in more than 3000 restaurants worldwide. Upon realizing aprons weren’t only for chefs but for any maker who wanted a professional grade apron to protect them while they work, she developed aprons for gardeners and potters so they too could have a garment as beautiful as the clothes they wore underneath. Since then, Bennett has collaborated with SpaceX, Google, Lexus, Delta, Four Seasons, Food & Wine and thousands of others to craft functional aprons for their specific needs.