Doug Blair grew up watching his father plant an acre-sized garden to provide his family of four with crisp, green vegetables.  His mother taught him the importance of cooking with only the freshest ingredients.  Together, they instilled in him a passion for freshness that has driven his culinary career over the past 30 years.

Blair made his kitchen debut as an apprentice in Il Terrazzo Carmine, a four-star Italian restaurant in Seattle in 1986.   From there, he spent time learning the intricacies of French and Italian cooking in some of the finest restaurants in the Seattle.

His desire for warmer weather and a change of scenery brought him to Charleston, S.C., where he has since graced the kitchens of several well-known local eateries.  He helped the Country Club of Charleston revive a tired food and beverage operation, then in 2000 joined Voysey’s, of The Kiawah Island Club as executive chef.   Since 2000, Blair has collaborated with the Club’s Consulting Chef Tom Colicchio, of Top Chef and Craft, to deliver one of the most unique dining experiences in the Southeast.  Blair supports the local farms and fisheries for the freshest home-grown fare, upon which the menu is customized each day.  The restaurant features a true á la carte menu executed by Blair and his team.