As a young winemaker and entrepreneur the most interesting thing I can offer to say has nothing to do with where I have been or what I have achieved.  I must inform you of my intentions, where I am headed, and why my work has drawn so much attention.

I represent all that is new and different in the Oregon wine industry.  Unlike the pioneers of the Oregon wine industry, who started with an idea that lead them to a place, my love for Oregon, where I discovered wine, has lead me to search for the greatest possible wines that could be produced in this place.

In 2011, Minimus was created with the intention of questioning everything that was being done in Oregon.  Not convinced that Pinot Noir was the ideal grape for all sites in the Willamette Valley lead me to plant and experiment with certain alternative varietals and to developing a direct import program of selected European varieties that had never been available to wineries in Oregon, or the United States. Exploring the use of alternative fermentation and maturation vessels was also part of the exploration and questioning. Helping to develop the first American Amphorae, and produce wine from them, producing Oregon’s first Flor aged wines, and importing the first barrels made of chestnut wood into Oregon are part of the exploration process. This is what I am known for and who I am.

Someone once asked, “What does Minimus stand for?”  I simply replied “minimum” and continued to explain that I produce wine without additives.  They then asked, “Additives?”  I explained to them that wine could be as processed as a frozen TV dinner, or as fresh and raw as a vegetable and newly laid eggs from your own garden.  The need to take this conversation global is what led to the development of Omero, in 2014.  Omero has one goal and that is to deliver simply prepared wine from local organic farmed fruit with all of its ingredients proudly displayed on the front of each and every bottle, an American first.  Knowledge is power.

The Origin wines are renditions of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from select single vineyards that produce profound expressions of these varieties, unquestionably unique and thus appealing to my brain and palate.  I rarely bottle the same wines or vineyards every year, with any real frequency only those that are compelling find a place.  This is as close as I get to normal.

So what is Craft Wine Co.?

Craft Wine Company is the glue that holds everything together.  It is my winery, the building where all my ideas are turned into liquid.  My phenomenal team and I work hard everyday to craft wine without additives, in unique and sometimes unusual ways, with the purpose of making people happy.  Happy people, humility, adventure, word of mouth advertising, this is why my work has drawn so much attention.