1.  RNDC   

Friday: J Lohr Vineyards & Wines

Saturday + Sunday: Quintessential Wines

2.  Wine Spectator   

Wine Spectator is the lifestyle magazine for everyone from casual consumers to wine connoisseurs and industry experts. Wine Spectator explores every facet of wine from vineyard to table and the culture beyond the bottle as well. In addition to independent blind tasting reviews of more than 18,000 wines each year, editorial coverage includes profiles of vintners, chefs, collectors and wine-loving celebrities too. Global travel, cooking, dining and coverage of wine-industry news are all topics that can be found in an issue of Wine Spectator.


3.  SAVEUR   

4.  Esporão Wines   

The Esporão project began in the Alentejo Region in Southern Portugal from an irrepressible desire to make the finest wines. This is the basis of everything we do and something we extend to other products and regions.
Everywhere, nature inspires us and helps us to improve. We respect and protect it, building a more promising future.
We believe that companies should serve society, and not the other way around. We aim to always operate in a responsible fashion. This responsibility is neither abstract nor merely collective: it is individual, including everyone who is involved with Esporão.
We encourage non-conformity, change and creativity, seeking to do better but not necessarily more. We have learnt that progress depends on the knowledge we develop and apply, as well as believing in what we do and putting our heart and soul into it.  VISIT WEBSITE

5.  Wölffer Estate Vineyard   

Wölffer Estate Vineyard is unquestionably a beautiful place. The creation of it spanned over three decades and required a creative vision, an ability to bring dreams to reality and a great deal of dedicated hard work by many people. Christian Wölffer possessed the vision and, with the meticulous care of his professional team, built this special place – Wölffer Estate Vineyard.

The original parcel of land was a potato farm with an old farmhouse in what is now the middle of the estate. Over the years, as more acres were acquired, paddocks and stables were added and, in 1988, the vineyard was founded. This 55-acre vineyard is part of a 175-acre estate with boarding stables, 39 paddocks, an indoor jumping ring, and a Grand Prix field. Both the stables and winery have a European character and, from these former potato fields, world-class wines have come forth. Wölffer Estate Vineyard is an American winery in the classic European tradition.  VISIT WEBSITE

6.  Treana Winery   

In 1978, the Hope Family took a chance on planting a vineyard in Paso Robles, California, the region that ultimately became Liberty School’s home. Through dedication and commitment of crafting wines with integrity, we have become a brand that is synonymous with the Paso Robles region.

7.  Frank Family Vineyards + Vintage Wine Estates   

Frank Family Vineyards: 

Vintage Wine Estates:  Saturday + Sunday: Vintage Wine Estates is a collection of family wineries based out of Santa Rosa, CA. Our wines come from vineyards as far west as the Sonoma Coast and across the Napa Valley.  VISIT WEBSITE

8.  Alexander Valley Vineyards + Patton Valley Vineyard   

Alexander Valley Vineyards:  In 1962 the Wetzel family purchased a portion of the Cyrus Alexander Homestead.. In 1975 after planting premium grape varieties since 1963 the winery was built and starting producing estate wines quickly bringing recognition to the region. The vineyards stretch from the banks of the
Russian river to the Hillsides. Today, winemaker Kevin Hall and Harry Wetzel IV create balanced wines showcasing the grapes varietal characteristics and the special valley that AVV calls home. Forty years later, the third generation of Wetzel's are continuing the legacy of family farming and winemaking and Alexander Valley Vineyards is know for hand crafted , elegant, age-worthy wines.  VISIT WEBSITE

Patton Valley Vineyard:  The Patton Valley Vineyard is a unique and delightful slice of Oregon grape growing heaven, placed on top of a little outcropping in the foothills of the Coast Range at an elevation of 300-500 ft. Our vineyard here has ample sun, cool breezes, and slopes to every aspect with a single soil type called Laurelwood. It’s basically paradise.

Up here, our little family does all of the work by hand, one thing at time, leaving no small thing ignored. Running a small farm and winery means everyone is on call all the time, and everyone does their part, or it simply doesn't get done. Our wines are a reflection of a little bit of all of us as seen through the lens of this very special vineyard. We've been at it for 21 years, and we've finally decided that we aren't that bad at it.

We farm our site organically under LIVE guidelines allowing the ecosystem to thrive without being choked out by synthetic chemicals. Without the use of these ugly chemicals, farming here takes a lot of work. It is a hands-on approach that keeps us very busy but our vines very happy.

In the winery, by contrast, we are hands-off, fermenting under native yeasts and bottling without filtering or fining. This approach gives our site, our fruit, and our resultant wines the loudest voice in the room, rather than being drowned out by the processes by which they were made. We like that. It feels honest.

We aren't fashionable, particularly hip, fancy, or even stuffy, we just are, and that's all we've ever needed.  VISIT WEBSITE

9.  Left Coast Cellars   

Left Coast Cellars is one of the Willamette Valley’s rising stars. The Vineyard is situated on the 45th parallel – which threads its way through Bordeaux, the Rhone, Piedmont and the Willamette Valley. A bucolic parcel of land purchased in 2003 by founders, Suzanne and Robert Pfaff, today represents a remarkable transformation guided by a unified vision devoted to land sustainability and the production with care and patience of wines of the highest quality that intrinsically reflect their unique terroirs. Left Coast Cellars Estate is one of the largest contiguous vineyards in the Willamette Valley, offering complete control and focus on quality from bud break to bottle, and spanning 350 acres, with approximately 150 acres under vine including Pinot Noir (61%), Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Meunier, Syrah, and Viognier.  VISIT WEBSITE

10.  Château d' Esclans   

11.  Rodney Strong   

12.  Kettmeir   

For almost a century, Kettmeir has been a part of the storied history of Italy's northernmost wine region of Alto Adige. Founded by Giuseppe Kettmeir in 1919 at the end of the First World War, our winery, located in Caldaro, has traversed the revolutions of the twentieth century to achieve considerable accomplishments. Considered one of the region’s pioneers, we were one of the first wineries to export internationally, adopt modern winemaking methods such as low-temperature skin contact during fermentation, as well as introduce and promote bottle wine sales over cask.

Our winery maintains a very close relationship with the surrounding natural, economic and social environment of the region, which allows us to maintain our standards of high quality and achieve the best expression of the vineyards. As customary in Alto Adige, wineries purchase fruit from local farm cooperatives, or “Masos”. Our close partnership with local grape-growers has spanned generations, enabling us to work together with these farms to ensure our strict quality standards are met, as well as preserve their legacy.

Produced in single varietal bottlings; Pinot Grigio, Pinot Bianco and Müller Thurgau, our wines embody the very best of the DOC. Producing the highest quality, varietal-driven wines that embody the best of the region is the absolute essence of our work, and the vision upon which we were founded.  VISIT WEBSITE

13.  Sassoregale   

Sassoregale was born in the rugged Maremma region in the heart of Tuscany. Unspoiled by the modern world, the rolling hills and dense forests of our home are as proud and as untamed as they have been for centuries. This land has served as a natural refuge for many animal species, particularly the wild boars (Cinghale) that guard the best vineyards, and to whom we honor on our label.

Tradition and culture run deep in this region, evolving slowly, and with purpose. It is the bold frontier that yields the best and most authentic expressions of Italian food and wine. Our vineyards, nestled in a wild coastal region on the eastern edge of the Ombrone river and the Mediterranean sea, embody the culture of Tuscany.

Handcrafted with centuries-old methods, Sassoregale is civilized and sophisticated without ever losing that wild essence. The untamed and varied landscape of the Maremma produces diverse flavors, giving our wines a unique character that can only be made in this special region.

Our Vermentino vines are nurtured by the rugged natural environment of this coastal region, influenced by the sun, wind and sea. Our Sangiovese, cultivated in the rolling hills, expresses all the forcefulness of its ruggedly enchanting environment. These wines are made to accompany all of life's adventures.

Sassoregale: Always Tasteful, Never Tamed.  VISIT WEBSITE

14.  KRIS Wines   

KRIS wines are handcrafted in Alto Adige using grapes sourced from Italy’s most esteemed growing regions. The winery is located in the Alpine town of Montagna, Italy (formerly Südtirol) where the local culture reflects a unique combination of Germanic precision sensibility and Italian artisan flare. Seven generations of winemakers steeped in this culture have yielded a wine as consistent and reliable as it is expressive and sensual.  VISIT WEBSITE

15.  Wines of Sicily   

Consorzio di Tutela Vini DOC “Sicilia,” also known as Sicilia DOC or Wines of Sicily, is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies, aims to strengthen the identity of Sicilian wines, while improving their quality, image and market position. Now made up of 130 producers, the Sicilia DOC designation introduced in November 2011 includes lower maximum yields per hectare compared with the former IGT regulations. This way, winegrowers aim is quality improvement of their wines in spite of production yields. One of the primary objectives of the consortium is to take the name and brand of the DOC throughout Italy and all over the world. For further information, please visit Wines of Sicily.  VISIT WEBSITE

16.  Champagne Château de Bligny   

17.  The Wine Foundry + Bodega Catena Zapata   

The Wine Foundry : 

Bodega Catena Zapata: 

18.  Cherry Pie Wines   

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