1.  Caroline's Cakes   

Caroline's Cakes is known for the World's Best 7-Layer Caramel Cake! Steeped in its Southern tradition this cake brings back memories of times passed. Its wonderful flavor comes from the authentic recipe, requiring a full day of care and patience to achieve the same flavor this Caramel Cake was known so many years ago. We also feature some of our other gourmet multilayer cakes such as our 7-Layer Southern Chocolate Cake, Coconut Cake, Carrot Cake and 7-Layer Lemon Cake!  VISIT WEBSITE

2.  Green River Picklers   

At Green River Picklers, we strive to produce the highest quality pickled vegetables using the simplest and most sustainable means. Our pickles are locally sourced, consciously produced, and hand packed in small batches. We aim to pay tribute to our southern heritage by continuing family traditions & preserving local food, while continuously fostering growth in our community.  VISIT WEBSITE

3.  9°80° Gourmet Sauce & Marinade   

9°80° Gourmet Sauce & Marinade grows and manufactures all of their own ingredients for each of their all natural sauces and marinades. 980 sauces and marinades only uses the freshest and highest quality of ingredients and each unique sauce is handcrafted in our own manufacturing facility to insure only the highest standards and quality. All of our sauces and marinades are Gluten Free and Vegan and made in our Kosher Kitchen. Our manufacturing facility has been making premium crafted sauces and marinades for over 50 years.  VISIT WEBSITE

4.  Thomasville Creates   

homasville Creates, through a Community Foundation Fund, supports entrepreneurs who live and work in an around Thomasville, Georgia. One way we do this is by showcasing and selling their products, near and far, in makers markets and at food events. At Charleston Wine and Food, Thomasville Creates will feature Sweetgrass Dairy cheeses, Blackberry Patch syrups and preserves and Schermer Pecans. These three entrepreneurs represent the very best of Thomasville’s growing list of local, handmade, small batch companies that represent a true “Taste of Thomasville”.  VISIT WEBSITE

5.  Crude Bitters and Sodas   

Crude Bitters and Sodas is North Carolina's first cocktail bitters company, founded in 2012 in Raleigh. Each cocktail bitters flavor is a unique blend of flavor combinations for both light and dark spirits. Each batch is crafted from 100% maceration in alcohol, with no glycerin, chemicals or dyes. Our products have won a Good Food Awards and a Southern Living Magazine Food Award.  VISIT WEBSITE

6.  Creminelli Fine Meats   

At Creminelli, everything we do is Crafted With Kindness. Our animals are raised in open living conditions and with no antibiotics, ever. We are passionate food lovers striving to elevate the lives of our people and the standards of our industry. Master Artisan Cristiano Creminelli's greatest joy is sharing his craft with people that love great food.  VISIT WEBSITE

7.  Candy Shop Vintage   

Candy Shop Vintage makes whimsical, vintage inspired jewelry and accessories. Each piece has a story and is based on a vintage design. Hand crafted in the U.S.A. and designed by Charleston based designer Deirdre Zahl, pieces from our rotating collection have been featured on the hit show MAD MEN, seen in many national publications such as Vanity Fair, In Style and Southern Living as well as on many fashion, style and travel blogs. Candy Shop Vintage's original line of Charleston Rice Beads, a style based on a vintage design, have been a huge hit with those in Charleston and beyond. Once a cult classic in silver and gold, Candy Shop Vintage rice beads have been reimagined in a variety of styles and colors, introducing new and limited edition colors seasonally. They are 100% made in the U.S.A. and assembled in Downtown Charleston, SC and pay homage to our port city’s agricultural history. A bit of Southern Charm for everyone, everywhere!  VISIT WEBSITE

8.  Sage Harvest Gourmet Jerky   

Sage Harvest Gourmet jerky is a military spouse operated conscious capitalism business, committed to providing the highest quality gourmet jerky to its customers. Sage Harvest's premium jerky is made fresh each week the old fashioned way. Each batch of beef jerky starts with whole premium cuts of meat, flavored only with quality ingredients and then cooked to perfection. Not only is our jerky delicious, it also has a global impact. Each month10% of the profits from Sage Harvest are donated to charities that provide lifesaving care to orphans. Sage Harvest Gourmet Jerky, the only place to purchase gourmet jerky with a purpose!  VISIT WEBSITE

9.  Mod Squad Martha   

Christened “Mod Squad Martha” by a musician smitten with her many talents, her effortless style embodies timeless with a twist of hip.

Her first gig was for 300 people for a Music City executive. She had “no staff, only a boyfriend and a daddy with a truck” - she had no company, she had no fancy brand. A jack of all trades in the kitchen and beyond, she was soon known as Mod Squad Martha the must-have under the radar chef of Music City’s insider affairs. Melissa Ann’s story couldn’t have been told better in a country music song.

These recipes are the greatest hits from years of serving Nashville’s music community and most importantly feeding her family and friends.  VISIT WEBSITE

10.  Know Allergies   

Know Allergies is a locally owned and operated specialty snack food company committed to producing food for the millions of people suffering from food allergies/intolerance's. Although producing food for people with special requirements is our primary concern our snacks are delicious and enjoyed by all!  VISIT WEBSITE

11.  Hoffmaster Woodworks   

Hoffmaster Woodworks consists of husband and wife team Matt and Kristi Hoffmaster. Matt, originally from New York, brought his lifelong woodworking experience to Charlotte, NC in 2010, and Kristi brings years of experience in graphic design to each product they create. Quality wine tables, beer and wine carriers, and handmade wooden gifts are their specialty, and they offer laser-engraved customizations for all of their products. Hoffmaster Woodworks offers a full range of creative ideas crafted from their wood shop to give the perfect gift or completely brand your business.  VISIT WEBSITE

12.  O&O Hooch   

O&O Hooch is one of the fastest growing non-alcoholic mixers in the marketplace and is produced by Holland Beverage Company, LLC. "The Hooch" is a carbonated limeade mixer that blends splendidly with vodka ("The Original"), tequila (a great sparkling margarita), spiced rum ("dark and hoochie"), gin ("gin and hooch"), and champaign/presecco ("The TCF"). The company was founded by long time hoochers Shawn and Jennifer Holland, and their friend, Chris Totty in 2015, and since then, they have been taking care of fizzness across the fruited plain. 2016 is setting up to be a banner year as they expand distribution and continue to get rave reviews from the press and new hoochers from all over the country. In the words of some famous people that we have not paid for an endorsement......."keep on hoochin'!"  VISIT WEBSITE

13.  SouthLife Supply Co.   

SouthLife Supply Co. embodies the authentic southern lifestyle. Founded by owners Kelly and Heather Abbott six years ago in Thomasville, GA, the company represents the essence of what it means to live in the south. With a variety of products ranging from jewelry to homeware to leather goods, including bags, wallets, dog collars, and belts, SouthLife Supply Co. can provide it's customers with a vast assortment of items appropriate for a number of different southern lifestyles.  VISIT WEBSITE

14.  Smithey Ironware Company   

Based in Charleston, SC the Smithey Ironware Company designs and manufactures premium cast iron cookware for people that love to cook and appreciate fine craftsmanship. We have a deep appreciation for the quality of cast iron cookware manufactured 100+ years ago that is known for it's beautiful naturally non-stick polished surface and ease of cleaning. In 2014 we set out to reinvent a line of cast iron cookware that reflected our appreciation for cast iron manufactured 100+ ago. The result is a modern piece of cookware that is not only naturally non-stick, it is also artfully crafted. In the kitchen or around the campfire, our goal is to be first in mind when home chefs think of premium cast iron cookware.  VISIT WEBSITE

15.  HookNHide Belts   

Belt Buckle Bottle Opener made of silver, gold, and brass. Each piece is designed as favorable fish and wildlife. When you're at an oyster roast or tailgate event, or on the water with friends, you have a functional piece of art right on your belt strap ready for your bottle opening convenience!!  VISIT WEBSITE

16.  GOLDBUG Handmade Modern Jewelry   

GOLDBUG is an innovative yet wearable collection of handmade jewelry, taking strong influence from the bold shapes of abstract art and the honest imperfection of primitive objects, mixed with the laid back ease of island living. Daring shapes and quality materials combine to create jewelry that feels at once directional and timeless, but never forced. Designer Ashley Reid Martin imagines her pieces adding the modern polish to ripped jeans and a tee, or adding the exclamation point to the long black tank dress. Each piece is designed and produced one at a time by hand on the SC coast by Martin herself. Available online or in Martin's tiny Sullivan's Island retail shop, GOLDBUG aims to create timeless jewelry that sparks joy and radiates modern and effortless elegance.

17.  Brackish   

Brackish is comprised of a team of artisans in the heart of Charleston who handcraft all-natural, sustainably sourced feather bow ties and accessories. Inspired by the rare beauty of the south, the pieces they offer are nothing short of wearable works of art. Respectfully repurposing the beauty of nature continues to be the company's goal, while always striving to innovate. Brackish's avant-garde style juxtaposed with the regard for natural elements appeals to both outdoorsmen and fashion enthusiasts alike.  VISIT WEBSITE

18.  Never Neat   

Never Neat is a premium beverage syrup, perfect for use in craft cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages.

19.  La Farm Bakery   

North Carolina’s La Farm Bakery offers artisan breads from Master Baker Lionel Vatinet – recognized by the James Beard Foundation as an “Outstanding Baker.” La Farm Bakery is a modern bakery that continues the centuries-old baking traditions and techniques and honors the ordinary yet extraordinary boulangeries that once flourished in every little town in France.

20.  Middleton Made Knives   

Middleton Made Knives is a new venture by bladesmith Quintin Middleton based in Saint Stephen, South Carolina - a small town outside of historic Charleston.

Mr. Middleton has been producing knives since 2003 and has had the fortune to be mentored by fellow South Carolina master bladesmith, Jason Knight. Jason calls Quintin “the GQ craftsman. Full of artistry, craftsmanship and style.”

Other influences found in Quintin's work include greats such as Jerry Hucks, Michael Rader, and the legendary Bob Kramer.

“Passion and skill. In every knife.” - Quintin Middleton
Using high carbon steel, each knife is custom made to the exact specifications requested by each customer. Quintin puts great care into each piece and he stands by the simple philosophy that every great chef needs a great knife, at a great price.  VISIT WEBSITE

21.  Sallie's Greatest Jams and Simple Syrups   

Sallie's Greatest Jams is a line of 8 herbal fruit jams that combine the freshest fruit and herbs from South Carolina. We have been rapidly growing since being awarded the Made in the South Award with Garden & Gun Magazine in 2010 and were also featured as one of Oprah's Favorite Things in 2012.
We call our jams the "all day jams" as we have developed many diverse recipes utilizing the jams delicious flavors to their fullest potential.
We also just launched a new simple syrup line that incorporates the fresh fruit and herbs with no added water. The flavors are Strawberry + Basil, Blueberry + Lavender, Peach + Mint, and Blackberry Spice + Sage.  VISIT WEBSITE

22.  The Crescent Olive   

At The Crescent Olive, our goal is to provide the freshest extra virgin olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar, an abundance of flavor, knowledge of our product and unsurpassed customer service. This enables our customers to discover a healthier and more flavorful way to prepare and enjoy their food.  VISIT WEBSITE

23.  Doc Crombie's Bootleg BBQ Sauce   

Doc Crombie’s Bootleg BBQ Sauces is a family company based out of Mount Pleasant, SC. Our collection of Barbecue, Steak and Hot Sauces are all natural, gluten free and have no artificial flavors or no preservatives. Our company and product line are a tribute to yesteryear when sauces were made by hand to be enjoyed with friends and family.  VISIT WEBSITE

24.  Charleston Beverage Company   

Charleston Beverage Company makes the award winning Charleston Mix Bloody Mary. All natural, gluten & MSG free and available in two flavors, the original "Bold & Spicy" and the vegetarian friendlier "Fresh & Veggie", Charleston Mix has quickly become the South's favorite premium bloody mary.

25.  Carolina Shuckers   

Carolina Shuckers is the collaboration of sculptors Kirk Davis and Michael Waller. Their passion for art, food, and the rich North Carolina coastal heritage fuels the creation of these custom, hand-forged oyster knives.They are treasures meant to be handed down for future generations to enjoy.  VISIT WEBSITE

26.  Charleston Artisan Cheesehouse   

Charleston Artisan Cheesehouse is a true artisan cheese producer: our products are cultured, mixed, molded, salted, aged, wrapped and delivered all by hand. Our line of wholesome cheeses is meant to inspire the visceral joy of mindfully eating local, healthy, and artisanal produced foods. The cultures we use imitate the much-sought-after taste of the “natural fermentation” or “raw milk/thermalized” method of making aged dairy products. Our cheeses are all crafted and aged on location here in Charleston, SC. Our products are meant to inspire the simple pleasure of eating healthy, natural, and locally produced foods  VISIT WEBSITE

27.  Cirsea Ice Cream   

Cirsea Craft Ice Cream was created in 2013 with a mission to bring together a collection of flavors from around the world then create a premium product comprised from only the finest, all-natural ingredients. Hence, the name "Cirsea" is derived from the concept of "Circling the Sea." Cirsea Craft Ice Cream – Serve Your Senses.  VISIT WEBSITE

28.  Bittermilk and Tippleman's   

Bittermilk and Tippleman's are designed to help the user achieve a balanced and delicious cocktail, easily. With Bittermilk, the labor is in the bottle, as it is designed for the home user, where one can just add booze to make a craft cocktail. Tippleman's Syrups are designed for bartenders, to help elevate a cocktail through interesting sweeteners like smoked maple syrup, lemon oleo saccharum, and falernum. Both lines are hand crafted in Charleston by humans and sold nationwide.

The Rayas often handcrafted many of the syrups used in drinks served at their Charleston pre-prohibition era bar, The Gin Joint. With limited bar space and equipment, they realized how difficult is was to prepare or source consistent and quality ingredients. As Joe and MariElena’s business adventures expanded to include Bittermilk, a line of handcrafted cocktail mixers, they acquired the equipment and perfected the processes in order to express flavors from natural raw ingredients to make these syrups.

Created by bartenders for bartenders, Tippleman’s is a series of “Not Quite Simple Syrups” that help bartenders easily introduce more complex flavor characteristics into cocktails and promote creativity behind the bar. Made in rather small batches, the finest quality ingredients are sourced and thoughtful techniques are applied to make a syrup that is complex in flavor and simple to use.  VISIT WEBSITE

29.  Bulls Bay Saltworks   

Bulls Bay Saltworks brings an authentic southern taste into your kitchen with an array of award winning culinary sea salt products. Our salt is hand harvested & crafted from pristine waters just minutes north of Charleston, SC.  VISIT WEBSITE

30.  Y'allsome   

Y'allsome is a Southern lifestyle brand started by the husband and wife team of Craig and Megan Evans with their pup Hawk. It consists of shirts, hats, prints and onesies that feature unique designs that celebrate the South. All Y'allsome products are made using Southern businesses and 15% of Y'allsome profits go to help Southern Foster Kids find permanent homes.  VISIT WEBSITE

31.  Pure Fluff Co.   

Arielle “REL” Stratton Charleston’s Cotton Candy Girl
Rel dove into the aesthetically pleasing cotton candy world in 2014 as a side project for her wedding & events planning business Party.Love.Birds. The birth of Pure Fluff was marked with fluff filled sangria cocktails at a modern bachelorette party themed styled shoot. The organic all natural hand-spun cotton candy cart service for events naturally took off from there. Rel now has three Pure Fluff Carts, over 100 events under her belt, and preparing the launch her fluff packaged for retail sale. You can find her spinning her artisanal fluff weekly at the farmer’s market Downtown, Mount Pleasant, James Island, West Ashley or on King Street for Second Sunday. This fluff lover is also an avid traveler; boater, Pure Barre enthusiast and sour beer drinker; so when she isn’t working on her small business hustle she is super busy living the life.

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